Why To Visit Montanita, Ecuador!

“The party town with a surfing problem”

Introducing… Montanita: .A fishing village that was once discovered by hippies in the 60’s, has turned from a hippy town to a surfing hotspot. While there are many surfing villages/party town’s around the world, Montanita is of a different place. For one, there is no “localismo,” meaning that the locals and the foreigners get along quite nicely, and the locals are more than willing to share their waves with the Gringo’s. The surf in Montanita is amongst the best in Ecuador and Latin America; with waves reaching up to 6 feet in the months of December - May.

Now, you won’t be seeing many press releases about Montanita- and the people of Montanita want to keep it that way. As opposed to many surf town, Montanita isn’t overrun by tourists, which keep the vibe cool and chill. If you like to get rowdy and party, there are many bars and discoteca’s around town for you to enjoy, but there are also many other more quiet places to enjoy.

Another unique aspect of Montanita is how relaxed they are about drug use- marijuana, in particular. While the town is still very safe, it isn’t uncommon to see people walking about with joints in their hands, and it isn’t unusual to smell it everywhere you go.

While there are many relaxing activities to partake in, such as bird watching and hanging out at nice resorts, Montanita is much more of a place for adventure seekers! Activities
Activities range from parasailing, to canopying, to (of course) surfing!

A fair warning: be cautious when visiting Montanita, because you may just want to stay forever!